Kalamia Cane Growers Organisation Limited and Kalagro Limited welcomes you to its comprehensive and informative website providing constant up-to-date information on all sugar industry issues and events. Kalamia and Kalagro are responsive to its members needs while continually exploring new and improved means of servicing the collective.

Kalamia is a not for profit, member focused service association.

It is an independent grower’s organisation that was the first group of Cane Grower members to separate from Canegrowers Brisbane to form their own structured company to support its members. This organisation has evolved throughout the years and dates back to the early 1930’s. Here, they formed the Kalamia Mill Supplies Committee, then later as the Canegrowers Kalamia before becoming known today as Kalamia Cane Growers Organisation Limited (KCGOL).


This Organisation was established as a company in the year 2000. The founding Directors of this company were Cassiano Arboit (Chairman), George Nielson (Deputy Chairman), Sergio Sartori (Director), Russell Searle (Director), Robert Malaponte (Director) and Peter DelleBaite (Director). Robert Malaponte is still on the current Kalamia Board as Chairman.


KCGOL represents approximately 130 sugar cane growers in the Burdekin region. At present, those growers supply approximately 1.6 million tonnes of cane annually to Wilmar’s four sugar mills; Kalamia, Inkerman, Pioneer and Invicta.

“The principal objective of KCGOL is to improve and sustain the profitability and viability of its sugar cane growing members, the sugar cane industry and the Burdekin region.”

Kalagro Limited was formed in November, 2010 to extend its service commercially to its members by offering very competitive fuel, oil & grease prices through the Kalamia office.


Kalamia Cane Growers principal operational activities include:

  • Preparation and negotiation of Cane Supply Agreements on behalf of members.
  • Promotion and the facilitation of the use of grower forward pricing and price risk management mechanisms for sugar cane.
  • Peace of mind from the benefit of our self-funded rain insurance policy and general crop insurance provided by AON Risk Services which is included in your membership levy.
  • Investigating value-adding opportunities for individual and/or the collective members
    with Kalagro Limited by taking advantage and reaping the rewards with bulk fuel savings on offer to KCGOL’s members.
  • Frequent industry updates through our Kalamia website – www.kalagro.com.au, Facebook page and Email.
  • Access to a discounted cost of our comprehensive KCGO payroll and Crush season invoicing service which is utilised by many of our members.
  • Communicate with government (where appropriate) issues impacting members’ sugar cane production activities.
  • Promoting participation of growers in industry specific and industry related educational programs and opportunities.
  • Assisting members (individually or collectively) to resolve situations that may adversely impact their sugar cane production activities.