About Us

The Faces of Kalamia Cane Growers & Kalagro


Our Directors

Robert Malaponte

Elected on May 2000 Director

Elected on May 2004, Chairman

Elected Kalagro Limited Director on 4th November 2010

  • Graduate of the Rural Leadership Course, Gatton College
  • Acquired the family cane farm some years ago and operates Malaponte Excavations contracting business in conjunction with the farming enterprise.
  • Former Chairman and Member of Burdekin Farm Safety Action Group.
  • Director since Kalamia CaneGrowers Company was incorporated in May 2000.
Denis Pozzebon
Deputy Chairman

Appointed on 1st May 2016 Director

  • Sugar Cane BMP accredited 2016


  • Living and working on family farm since age 5, farming full time for 26 years.
  • Previously worked delivering fuel to farmers and businesses for a number of years.
  • Involved with many committees including Rural Fire and Sugar Advisory boards.
  • First Officer for Rural Fire Brigade for 9 years
  • Member of Catalyst Group
  • Involved with Sugar Cane Innovations group (NQ Dry Topics)
  • Participated in a number of Chemical, Fertiliser, Soil, Yield and Harvesting trials
  • Recently involved with Autonomous Irrigation Trial
Joseph Quagliata

Elected on 13th August 2007 – Director

Elected Kalagro Limited Director on 4th November 2010

  • Growing cane since the age of 16 and has been involved in harvesting and haulage for a number of years.
  • Currently owns a Burdekin based gravel haulage business.
  • Director of Kalamia Cane Growers since 2007


Meet The Staff

Allan Parker

Started as Manager 8th January 2023

Annmaree D'Alessandro
Administration Officer/Finance Officer
Started on 19th January 2015
Rosalyn Hook
Administration Officer
Started on 9th Janurary 2024