2023 Seed Cane Orders – BPS – REMINDER – Orders required by the 28th of February 2023

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for 2023,

BPS staff are very busy at the moment, and we are prioritising RSD sampling at distribution plots, so staff availability is limited for the first few hours of the day (this is the only time we can pump xylem sap for RSD sampling). After around 10am, most staff should be available. We are also finalising collection of crop data for the 2022 season to record trends and incidence of pest and disease incursion so we can asssit the local industry as best as possible.

One very important part of this process is collection of seed cane orders. A seed cane order form can be found at this link 2023 SEEDCANE ORDER.docx

Seed cane orders can only be guaranteed if they are submitted by 28th February

Please complete the form, or call your BPS Field Officer to place your order. We will run the same system as last year which means all orders submitted by 28th Feb will have first priority, and if demand exceeds available supply, we will allocate based on Ha of BPS levies paid of those who submitted orders.

Based on orders from prevoius years, and cane available, we anticipate that there should be sufficient supply of all varieties except SRA32 and possibly Q183. There are very limited quantities of SRA32 (around 10 Ha across the whole district), and this will be allocated based on pre orders placed by 28th Feb.

Details of the form are also copied below

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call or discuss with any BPS staff member.


0490 036 329

2023 Seedcane Order Form





To ensure adequate allocation of clean cane supplies for the 2023 planting season, could you please take the time to fill out and return the above order form to your BPS field officer as soon as possible. Orders placed after 28th Feb cannot be guaranteed.


Any enquires please contact your relevant field officer.

Pioneer – Madeline Molino & Jack Edwards

Mobile: 0407 167 159

BPS office: 47831101

Email: [email protected]


Invicta – Joseph Magatelli

Mobile: 0427 372 124

BPS office: 47831101

Email: [email protected]



Inkerman – Wayne Johnstone

Mobile: 0407 960 057

BPS office: 47831101

Email: [email protected]

Kalamia – Eddie Fabbro & Kristine Patti

Mobile: Eddie – 0447 209 152

Kristine – 0427 167 159

BPS office:47831101

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]