Grower members

KCGOL forwarded an email to members on 11th May indicating that SRA were proposing changes to its constitution at their Annual General Meeting in October 2018 with a discussion paper to be released beforehand.

KCGOL directors have since met with SRA board who confirmed it has not invested in the development of a Trade and Market Access Strategy but has agreed in principal to consider investing in “economic modelling” which is entirely consistent with Clause 5.1 of their Constitution and the definition of Research and Development. Commonwealth Officers have also confirmed that an investment in econometric modelling to underpin an industry Trade and Market Access Strategy is not “inconsistent with Rule 6 of the SRA Constitution”.

SRA board has categorically stated “proposed amendments to the Constitution have nothing to do with providing funding to ASA but are to allow SRA to make more flexible investment decisions”.

Voting on proposed changes to the Constitution

For growers to vote on the proposed amendments to the SRA Constitution, you will need to be a member of SRA – not just paying the compulsory SRA levy.  Membership is not compulsory, only payment of the levy. KCGOL has identified members who are not an existing member of SRA and has previously forwarded a separate email attaching Membership Application Form should grower wish to have voting rights.

“SRA Enhancements To The Constitution” discussion paper is now attached as well as link to SRA Constitution,

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.

Les Elphinstone

Manager / Company Secretary

thumbnail of Enhancements to SRA Constitution