BPS Shed Meetings November 2017

shed meetings November 2017


BPS and Farmacist will be conducting a round of shed meetings in November 2017. Topics will include SRA8, smut update, variety selection, irrigation, managing nitrogen losses, managing seed cane and chemical losses.  Please see the table below for times and dates. Growers are welcome to attend an alternative shed meeting if they are unable to attend their normal venue.

Date Time Group Venue
Thur 2nd Nov 8:30am Leichhardt Brotto Shed
Fri 3rd Nov 8:30am Inkerman/Fredericksfield/Koolkuna G MacElroy
Fri 3rd Nov 1pm Darveniza/Groper Creek/Marshalls B Santarossa
Mon 6th Nov 8:30am Osborne/Causeway/Iona R Piva
Mon 6th Nov 1pm Down River/Ramsdens N Pitris
Tue 7th Nov 8:30am Selkirk/Haughton/Bartlett/Upper Haughton SISL
Wed 8th Nov 8:30am Millaroo/Dalbeg J Cambruzzi
Wed 8th Nov 12pm Clare/Mulgrave/Stockham Rd Clare Club
Thur 9th Nov 1pm Jardine/Mona Park/Barratta L Smith
Fri 10th Nov 8:30am Rita Island SES Shed
Fri 10th Nov 1pm Jarvisfield/Kilrie Quartermaine
Mon 13th Nov 1pm Waterview/Sextons E Pearce
Tue 14th Nov 8:30am Aerodrome/Colevale/Town/Pioneer Mill B Lago
Tue 14th Nov 1pm Airville/Dicks Bank/McDesme BPS Shed
Wed 15th Nov 8:30am Airdmillan/Burstalls N Formalin
Wed 15th Nov 1pm Giru/Shirbourne D Poletto