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Dear Kalamia Members,

CSA Update

Dear members,

KCGO and BDCG met with all the other industry groups in Townsville on Monday to exchange information as to where we were with our respective discussions with Wilmar and to hear where the grower groups supplying the BIM ( Bundaberg Isis and Maryborough) mills saw the OSA discussions between QSL and the BIM mills as heading.

All felt frustration about where they were up to with their Wilmar discussion/negotiations and BDCG is probably more advanced in our position than any of those groups.
BDCG’s position will be advanced again on Monday when KCGO and BDCG are meeting with Wilmar in Brisbane to discuss the changes we have proposed to their Agreements and to push ours again.

A positive outcome from this meeting is critical and given the delays to accessing Forward Pricing that you have all had to bear already, further delays will not be seen as acceptable.

We assure you we will be using our best endeavours to get you a result as quickly as possible.