ERGON ENERGY – Drought Declaration and Revocation announcement by QLD Government.

Additional information has been supplied by Ergon Energy in relation to drought assistance in the form of waived charges and their process going forward as a result of drought revocation. KCGOL is in the process of corresponding with local member, Dale Last as well as Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries requesting a meeting to discuss implications to our members of “revocation” and other cost issues of importance currently facing the sugar industry.


“Good morning members,

On 17 May 2018, Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries, the Hon. Mark Furner, announced that the Government had accepted the recommendations of local drought committees and revoked the drought status of parts of north Queensland, the north Burnett and south-east Queensland. 

Ergon Energy Retail supports local farmers through the offer of waived charges and deferred payments for those customers living in drought declared areas. 

As the Minister has revoked certain areas from drought, waived charges and deferred payment arrangements currently offered to customers in those areas are no longer applicable. Consequently, Ergon Energy Retail would like to outline what steps we are taking to support your members (and our customers) in relation to account or tariff changes they may need to make as a result of the Minister’s announcement last week. 

We will be writing to impacted customers as soon as possible, to advise the following: 

The effective date for drought revocation is 17 May 2018; the date of the Ministerial announcement. 

  • Tariff changes will be effective from the customer’s next meter read date post 17 May 2018. 
  • Ergon Energy Retail will provide customers 20 working days from the date of the letter to advise us if they do not wish to change back to their previous tariff. 
  • If we do not receive advice from the customer, we will change the customer’s tariff at the next meter read date post 17 May 2018 to the tariff that was in place before drought relief arrangements were applied. 
  • The letter will set out the customer’s current tariff and their tariff prior to the drought declaration. To assist customers with making a tariff decision, a flyer outlining the components of relevant tariffs will be provided as well as a link to our website.
  • Payment arrangements will be made available to customers to support their transition to regular bill payment cycles and charges.  

Of course, your members are welcome to contact us on 1300 135 210 from 7am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday or email [email protected] to discuss their account and energy management needs. If you, as members of the EQL Agricultural Forum, need further information please do not hesitate to contact our General Manager Customer Care & Revenue Assurance, Greg Nielsen, on 0419 711 508 at any time.  

Kind regards

Cheryl Hopkins

Executive General Manager – Retail

Ergon Energy Retail

Part of the Energy Queensland Group


Kind Regards,


Les Elphinstone

Manager/Company Secretary