Guidelines for Loading of Sugar Cane Haulage Units for Travel on Public Roads


KCGO has been made aware that over the last few weeks Dept of Transport & Main Roads Transport Inspectors have been active in the region targeting overloading of cane bins and associated spillage of billets onto roadways. A number of verbal warnings have been given in the Burdekin region as well as Formal Warnings have been issued to drivers on the Bruce Highway at Horseshoe Lagoon and on Brown Road, Upper Haughton in relation to billets that have been loaded into bins above the top rail, and billets falling onto the roadway.

Growers are asked to ensure obligations in relation to the loading of cane bins prior to delivery to rail points or the respective mills are adhered to. Guidelines that have previously been developed by Dept of Transport & Main Roads in conjunction with Canegrowers is attached which maybe of some assistance.

Les Elphinstone
Manager KCGO

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