Farmacist – Nitrogen Run Off Irrigation Trial

Farmacist – Nitrogen Run Off Irrigation Trial

Jayson Dowie of Farmacist has some funding available via RP161 to undertake a water quality trial to determine nitrogen groundwater runoff in the Burdekin Region. The matter of nutrient runoff in the Delta was the subject of discussion at KCGO’s recent Annual General Meeting and this is an opportunity for members to become involved in a trial at no cost. There are certain parameters that will be need to be met by growers including:

  • The need to be a part of RP161, either in the past or future. The RP161 project is an extension of the RP20 project, which aimed to validate Six-Easy-StepsTMfertiliser rates in the Burdekin. Growers involved in the RP161 project receive:
  1. A whole farm nutrient plan at Six-Easy-StepsTM
  2. All historical soil tests spatially allocated in a Google Earth map.
  3. Their previous fertiliser practices benchmarked.
  4. A soil test.
  5. A G-Dot installed.
  6. On farm and phone support with Farmacist agronomists.
  7. Confidence strips implemented on a block of their choice to compare their current practice to The Six-Easy-StepsTM.
  • Growers must have runoff ie. banded ends will not be acceptable as Farmacist need to investigate dissolved nitrogen runoff leaving farming block.

Trial will require 3-4 sets of 6 drills with two treatments of nitrogen fertiliser applied, one based on current level of application with second treatment being a lessor amount.

Anyone interested in participating in trial or require further information can contact Jayson Dowrie direct on 0408 009 348 or contact this office and we can schedule a meeting with Jayson on your behalf.

Trial has limited numbers.

KCGO encourages members to participate.


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