SRA Information for Members

SRA Information for Members

Grower members,

Change to SRA Constitution and Investment

It has come to KCGOL’s attention that SRA board meeting held recently indicated that SRA may, at their AGM in October 2018, seek to change the Constitution in order to provide more flexible investment decisions to be made.  In particular, Australian Sugar Industry Alliance (ASMC and CANEGROWERS founding members) has sought SRA to invest in the area of trade policy and market access.  SRA has agreed to the proposition subject to some conditions.

Issues pertaining to trade policy and market access are currently outside of the objectives of SRA – which are set out in rule 5.1(a) of the Constitution –

            “Delivering cost effective Research and Development services to the Australian sugar industry to enhance its viability, competitiveness and sustainability”.

SRA have indicated that the proposed amendments will be incorporated in a discussion paper for feedback prior to being presented at the SRA AGM in October 2018.

Issue – Should SRA spend limited resources on Trade Policy and Market Access, or focus on its core business of Research and Development including propagation of varieties of cane, pests and diseases etc? What will be the impact on growers?

Voting on proposed changes to the Constitution

For growers to vote on the proposed amendments to the SRA Constitution, you will need to be a member of SRA – not just paying the compulsory SRA levy.  Membership is not compulsory, only payment of the levy.

If you are not an existing member of SRA, KCGOL recommends that you complete the attached Membership Application Form and drop it in to the office whereby form will be submitted to SRA on your behalf.

Not sure whether you are an existing member of SRA, please let KCGOL know and we will make enquiries with SRA on your behalf.

Once the discussion paper has been released by SRA, it will be posted to our webpage.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.

Cheers Les

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