Regional Variety Committe Meeting Outcome


I refer to my magazine article in our April issue of “What A Sweet Life” of Regional Variety Committee meeting held in April and decisions made in relation to varieties that were considered for either release to productivity board, accelerated to maxprop and clones for possible acceleration. There were two varieties, KQ08-2180 and QA10-1130, whereby decision was delayed pending updated smut rating test which became available this month and was the subject of meeting held on the 21st.

Outcome of RVC meeting was as follows:


Recapping this variety had an intermediate-susceptible smut rating in laboratory tests, however minimal evidence in field conditions. Tonnage above and CCS slightly less than the standard varieties. New smut rating of 6 (previous rating was an 8) was released in June 2018 confirming variety remains intermediate-susceptible and within regional thresholds. This variety has been planted in three BPS trials in the Upper Haughton, Iona and Aerodrome area. In the Upper Haughton trial, the TSH for KQ08-2180 was better than Q240, SRA8, and Q183. In the Iona trial, Q232  and Q240 performed better than the KQ08-2180. The Aerodrome trial was variable. No smut was observed in strip trials or BPS propagation plots– this clone was planted next to SRA8 which was heavily infected with smut. There was considerable discussion regarding the difference between observed field expression of smut in the Burdekin and the results of SRA trials. Consistent reports of strip trials and field observations were made with considerable smut infection in some varieties planted directly adjacent to this clone, with KQ08-2180 demonstrating little smut infection.

Decision: KQ08-2180 limited release with full disclosure on its smut status and the risk of smut. BPS have been requested to ensure at point of release (2020), that full information for this clone be presented to growers including TCH, CCS & TSH, compared against current standards as well as and in particular, the smut history and smut risk of KQ08-2180.


Recapping this variety had high tonnage with similar CCS to the standards but also had an intermediate-susceptible smut rating in laboratory tests. New smut data with a rating of 6 (same as previous) was released in June 2018 confirming variety remains intermediate-susceptible and within regional thresholds. SRA have observed no smut in stations plant crop however some evidence in second ratoon (2 whips in 30 metres).

Decision: QA10-1130 accelerate to isolation plot but with full disclosure when released with varieties smut susceptibility particularly if planted in drier regions where it is more likely to exhibit smut.


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