Dear Grower

Growers that have undertaken pricing via Wilmar’s Variation of Forward Price and Pooling Agreement (TFPPA) should have recently received an email from Wilmar asking for an indication as to how growers would like to manage their TFPPA when signing a CSA covering the 2017 season, by completing and returning the above “2017 TFPPA Transfer Request Form”.

Three options have been provided for you to consider:

1.    Keep your TFPPA Pricing with Wilmar

2.    Apply to transfer all or part of your TFPPA Pricing to QSL

3.    Close out your TFPPA Pricing

Growers considering option 2. are asked to complete Transfer Request Form by 5.00pm on Monday 5th June 2017. Wilmar will provide a “Quote” in writing within 5 business days or no later than 5.00pm on Monday 12th June 2017. Growers will than have 5 business days to accept the quote, otherwise it will be deemed that grower has decided not to proceed with the proposed transfer. Acceptance of quote will deemed to be binding.

The transfer is conditional upon QSL and the relevant bank(s) accepting the transfer. QSL have confirmed they do require a “Cane Supply Agreement” to have been executed prior to accepting transfer.

Please note that when completing option 2 table you will be required to nominate “% of TFPPA Pricing to transfer to QSL” ie. if you wish to transfer all of your TFPPA pricing this figure will be 100%.  Should you wish to transfer all of your TFPPA pricing you do not record 30% (i.e. amount of your 2017 crop you were allowed to forward price).

Growers considering option 2 should ensure they have previously completed QSL Pre-registration Form or alternatively complete said form as soon as possible to enable timely preparation and execution of their “Grower Pricing Agreement” (GPA).

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact this office.



Les Elphinstone

Manager / Company Secretary

Kalamia Cane Growers Organisation Ltd

Kalagro Ltd

140 Young Street Ayr Qld 4807

PO Box 597 Ayr Qld 4807

Tel:  07 4783 1312  Fax: 07 4783 3885

Mob: 0447 128 312

Email: [email protected]