Kalamia Members Notice

Kalamia Members Notice – KCGO Introducing Additional Services

“Morning growers

 Some 6 years ago Kalamia Cane Growers Organisation Ltd offered an additional service to growers who had queries in relation to issues around CCS identified in your “Rake Deliveries” eg. Purity, Dirt and pH etc. Service at this time proved to be of a financial benefit to our members.

 This service has recently been reintroduced and will be trialled over the coming months to gauge its benefits/success. KCGOL has appointed on a casual basis, Monica Nicholson, to assist with growers enquiries as well as to proactively scrutinise “Edit Lab” reports provided by Wilmar in an effort to also identify anomalies requiring further investigation.

 Monica has had a lengthy career within the sugar industry, having in this time completed a 4 year sugar chemistry course, holding positions of juice chemist, control chemist, lab superintendent and been employed by both mill owner and more recently BCAS.

 I would like to strongly encourage all of our members to take advantage of this service. Should you have a query, please do not hesitate to contact this office so that Monica can investigate.

 Thank you


Les Elphinstone