Message from John Tait – Wilmar


Hi all,


Storms across the region yesterday afternoon and overnight delivered falls of between 5-40mm. Harvesting has been significantly impacted.



  • 10-15mm of rain overnight
  • 400 bins left unfilled yesterday.
  • Out of cane 2:30am, expected restart 10am
  • 3 groups not cutting today due to missed burns
  • Slow progress due to wet conditions



  • 10-40mm of rain overnight
  • Zero hour will be later this morning, currently stopped due to impact of very dirty rake of bins
  • 9 harvesters cutting today expecting about 5000 tonnes
  • Restart will depend on progress of harvesting



  • Some showers overnight, probably faired better than other areas
  • Zero hour will be about 8:30am
  • Harvesting has been affected through inability to burn for some groups. Some cutting green
  • Expected loading about 10,000 tonnes
  • Mill will do a caustic clean today while waiting for enough cane supply and restart later this afternoon



  • Anywhere between 5-40mm of rain overnight mainly in the Clare/Millaroo area
  • Zero hour will be about midday
  • Loading about 20,400 tonnes
  • Slow progress due to wet conditions


Cane quality is still a major concern. Hopefully the last of the storms for a bit



Kind regards,


John Tait

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