Mill Status following Rain – Wilmar

Good afternoon all,

Current state of play:


Inkerman harvesters that are able to cut will continue today up until we are unable to catch the tail going through the mill. The way it looks those groups will get all their burnt cane off. This still leaves about 3,500 tonnes burnt that cannot be harvested for a number of days yet. Some of this cane is now quite old and will have to be tested before we can accept it. Best case for Inkerman is start harvesting on Saturday and crushing later Saturday night

Invicta will cut about 16,500 today and are looking to load 21,000 tonnes tomorrow. As mentioned they are taking advantage of the light loading and doing a B side clean.

Kalamia will load about 11,000 tonnes today and about 11,000-12,000 tomorrow

Pioneer is loading about 10,000 today which should get them through until early tomorrow morning then cut about 8,500 tomorrow

All weather dependent.