QSL Collective Update 04/05/21


  • QSL April Guaranteed Floor Pool: The April Guaranteed Floor Pool (GFP) closed for nomination on Friday 30 April. The final floor price for the April GFP is $457 AUD/tonne actual. In addition to the guaranteed floor price achieved, pool participants also receive 50% of any ICE 11 pricing above the pool’s strike price ($467 AUD/tonne actual) during the season.
  • Market rally prompts pricing surge: 2021-Season prices reached new highs last week, with QSL growers achieving up to $490/tonne actual gross in the Target Price Contract (TPC) and $500/tonne actual gross in the Individual Futures Contract (IFC) against the July 2021 contract. Growers using these pricing options and the Self-Managed Harvest Contract (SMHC) are reminded they still have until next year (2022) to finish pricing their nominated 2021-Season tonnage in these products, with rolling extending the period available to achieve their orders (costs may apply). Rolling is automatic in the Target Price Contract, but is a new option for the IFC and SMHC from this season. For more information about these products and how rolling is used within them, please click the links below:


  • QSL Grow Program: The QSL Grow Program works to promote the long-term sustainability of the Queensland sugar industry by supporting initiatives focused on protecting and increasing sustainable sugar production at a grassroots level. Click here to learn more


If members have any questions in regards to the above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.


Russell Campbell
Grower Relationship Manager