QSL Information Brief


  • Grower Floor Price Contract: The 2022-Season Grower Floor Price Contract (GFPC) came close to the fill level of $450/tonne gross actual during the recent market spike. The GFPC enables growers to lock in a known return, while also receiving 50 cents in the dollar for any subsequent market moves above their achieved GFPC target. Orders can be placed for as little as 10 tonnes, up to three seasons in advance.

Click here for more information about the Grower Floor Price Contract


  • Additional tonnage now available: As of 1 July 2021, QSL growers can access additional GEI tonnage to price in the 2023 and 2024 Seasons, with committed pricing levels now as follows:
2021 Season 2022 Season 2023 Season 2024 Season
70% 70% 70% (20% increase) 50% (10% increase)

To access QSL pricing, you must first have a GEI Sugar Marketing nomination in place for the season in question. See your local QSL team for details or help with the nomination process.


  • Final 2020-Season Advance payment: The final QSL Advance payment for the 2020 Season will be made this week. This payment will be made as a separate transaction in addition to any 2021-Season Advance payments growers may receive that same week. The final 2020-Season payment represents a 2% increase on the June 2021 payment. The current 2021-Season Advance rate is 65%.
    Click here to see the full 2021-Season Indicative Advances Program. 


  • New GST arrangements (Wilmar districts only): QSL’s new simplified GST arrangements for our growers in Wilmar milling districts are now in place. As part of this change, these growers are now also receiving improved statements incorporating a Tax Summary section highlighting the key QSL figures for their bookwork. For a video quick tour of the new statement and its key features, please click here.


  • QSL video market update: Don’t miss this week’s video market update on QSL’s Facebook page with Treasury Manager Ginette Barrett at 4pm, Wednesday 21 July. Click here to be taken directly to our Facebook Page.


If members have any questions in regards to the above, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with:

  • Russell Campbell –  Grower Relationship Manager – 0408 248 385
  • Kristen Paterson –  Grower Relationship Officer– 0438 470 235
  • Rebecca Love – Grower Relationship Officer – 0429 054 330 (Mon-Wed)



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