REMINDER – QSL Early Start Actively Managed Pool

QSL Early-Start Actively Managed Pool closing next week

Nominations for the new 2018 QSL Early-Start Actively Managed Pool close this coming Wednesday, 28 February 2018.*

Just like the standard QSL Actively Managed Pool, this pool targets the best return over the Season by pricing more frequently as short-term market opportunities arise. However, as its name suggests, it has an earlier nomination deadline and longer pricing window than the QSL Actively Managed Pool, which does not start pricing until May.

For more details about the QSL Early-Start Actively Managed Pool, click here.


Nominations for all other 2018 QSL Pools close on 30 April 2018.*

This later deadline gives Growers an additional two months to assess how their 2018 crop is shaping up before they have to finalise their nominations.

Nominations for the 2018-Season QSL-managed pools will be accepted from 1 March 2018, however growers keen to get pricing using the QSL Target Price Pool or QSL Individual Futures Contract Pool can nominate tonnes and start pricing using these grower-managed pricing products at any time.

Growers who have elected to use the QSL Target Price Pool for the 2018 Season but who have not achieved their targets, now also have until 30 April 2018* to take up the option to transfer their unfilled orders to other QSL pools. Growers in QSL’s Individual Futures Contract Pool can also transfer unfilled 2018-Season orders from this product to other QSL pools by 30 April 2018*, as long as they have not priced any portion of their nominated tonnage.


* Please note: Isis Central Sugar Mill, Mackay Sugar and Bundaberg Sugar growers will be advised by their miller of their local QSL Pool nomination deadlines for 2018.