Queensland Competition Authority


On 29 October 2018, Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) received a referral notice from the Qld Government Natural Resources Minister Dr Anthony Lynham directing them to investigate pricing practices relating to the monopoly business activities of SunWater and Seqwater undertaken for irrigation services. Natural Resources Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said a comprehensive study by the QCA would underpin the irrigation pricing structures for years 2020-24.

“The goal is for irrigators to have greater pricing certainty, simplicity and transparency to allow them to plan for future years,’’ Dr Lynham said.

“As part of the review process, extensive consultation will be undertaken with stakeholders and water users to ensure we strike the right balance between the interests of customers and businesses. The QCA will be required to limit annual price increases similar to previous reviews.”

“I encourage all SunWater and Seqwater irrigation customers to get involved in the QCA consultation process. The more customers that participate in the process – the more informed the Government will be when it is time to consider the QCA recommendations and lock in irrigation prices in 2020,” Dr Lynham said.

The key objective of the investigation is to recommend irrigation prices for the period 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2024. The Government will begin its consideration of future prices with the release of the QCA’s draft report in August 2019.

Public consultation will be a key part of the QCA’s decision-making process and QCA invites customers and other stakeholders to register to receive ongoing information about the investigation http://www.qca.org.au/Subscribe

Depending on stakeholder interest, QCA also plans to conduct regional workshops during this investigation. Please register your interest in attending workshops http://www.qca.org.au/IrrigationWorkshops . Workshops with interested stakeholders are likely to take place January/early February 2019.

The QCA is yet to issue a date for industry and interested party submissions.

Les Elphinstone

Manager KCGO