SRA appoints Regional Coordinator for the Burdekin


SRA appoints Regional Coordinator for Burdekin Region 

Sugar Research Australia (SRA) has taken major steps forward in the delivery of the industry-led Adoption Strategy for the Australian sugar industry with the appointment of its Regional Coordinator for the Burdekin Region.

SRA has today announced the appointment of Mr Anthony Curro as Regional Coordinator for the Burdekin. Mr Curro is well-known in the region in particular for his work for SRA as an Adoption Officer and with the Natural Resource Management Group, NQ Dry Tropics.

The Adoption Strategy has been developed in consultation with the Australian sugarcane industry and SRA’s Government investors and stakeholders over the last 12 months. It aims to provide a more strategic focus to increase the uptake and implementation of new and existing technologies in the sugar industry.

SRA Executive Manager, Regional Delivery, Mr Ian McBean, said that Mr Curro comes to the role with experience in innovation, soil health, and precision agriculture. He appreciates the importance of understanding the full farming system before improvements can be made to the productivity, profitability, and sustainability of the industry.

“Mr Curro will work closely with the local industry including Burdekin Productivity Services, millers, growers, local CANEGROWERS, the Australian Cane Farmers’ Association, NRM groups and others to deliver strategic outcomes in his region.

In achieving the SRA Adoption Strategy objectives, Mr Curro will also work with SRA researchers and Regional Coordinators and SRA Adoption Officers in other regions to ensure cross regional linkages are established and maintained.