Sunwater and Lower Burdekin Water Rates and Charges




Dear Members


KCGO has made an approach to both SunWater and Lower Burdekin Water to ascertain assistance available to growers who may be facing financial hardship and not in a position to fully meet their current water charges payable given the current general downturn in the local sugar industry, eg. reduced tonnage and seasonal price unlikely to cover the costs of production.

To date have received a response from Sunwater as follows:

“we wish to advise that SunWater already offers payment plans for customers and irrigators who are presently unable to pay their invoice. While the specifics of the situation vary from customer to customer, any of your members or indeed any of our customers are free to call and talk to our accounts department. We have the facilities to set up interest-free payment plans with entirely reasonable payment schedules, usually whatever the customer can afford. 

If you have individual members who are struggling, we would ask that you encourage them to contact us directly either by email or phone, and we will be happy to make arrangements for them. We understand these are trying times and wish to do what we can to assist.”

Should members be having financial difficulty in meeting water charges please contact Sunwater direct via 13 15 89 or email

Further advices will be posted when a response is received from Lower Burdekin Water.

Les Elphinstone

Manger KCGO