Wilmar Burdekin Mills Update – 23.11.22


Good morning all


  • Inkerman restarted just before midnight last night. Zero for 4,300 tonnes cut yesterday is about 11am. Some high muds causing issues. 10,200 tonne loading today.
  • Pioneer ran out of yesterday’s cane just after 2am this morning. Restarted about 8:30am loading just over 11,700 tonnes for the day
  • Kalamia wont zero yesterday’s cane until 2:30pm after they broke the reclaimer arm last night and are battling with high muds today. Loading 8000 tonnes for the day
  • No harvesting at Invicta today. Best case at the moment is harvesting tomorrow for a Thursday night restart



Kind regards,


John Tait

Cane Supply Manager