Wilmar Cane Supply Agreements


KCGO has been alerted by Canegrowers Herbert River, that Wilmar pricing officers are telephoning growers for appointments relating

to Cane Supply Agreements and Pricing in the Herbert River.


While we are not aware of any such approaches to KCGO members, it would be advisable to treat Wilmar’s approaches with caution.


With the finalisation of an On Supply Agreement between Wilmar and QSL now appearing likely, and a BDCG Collective Agreement

being negotiated, Wilmar will be trying to convince growers to sign a Wilmar Agreement in preference to a Collective Agreement.


KCGO members should be aware that even when an OSA is agreed between Wilmar and QSL, it is likely to take a month before a contract

is drafted and signed between the two parties.  It will only be at this time that you can nominate your pricing to QSL, and as advised previously

growers now have three weeks from the time they sign a CSA to make their pricing nominations, and therefore there is no longer a requirement

to have your pricing nominations in place by the 28th February.


Should you be contacted by Wilmar to sign a CSA, or if you require further explanation of the above, you should contact Robert Malaponte (Chairman) or one of the KCGO Directors.