Wilmar Daily Loading Advice

Loading Advice Friday, 16th July 2021

INVICTA – 18 989

KALAMIA – 9 789

PIONEER – 7 894

INKERMAN – 9 190

TOTAL – 45 862



Good morning all,

Inkerman mill will be shutting down this morning after zero hour to repair leaking tubes in the superheater. There will be no harvesting at Inkerman today apart from the last day cutters. At shutdown we will have about 5,500 tonnes in bins and 6,000 tonnes burnt. The logistics team will notify harvesters regarding arrangements for tomorrow.

Pioneer restarted last night after their extended stop and crushing well.

Kalamia rate is still slow as they head towards their clean

Invicta still crushing at a steady rate


Kind regards,

 John Tait

Cane Supply Manager