Wilmar Daily Loading Advice & Crushing Update

Loading Advice – Thursday, 27th October 2022

INVICTA – 6 841

KALAMIA – 6 382

PIONEER – 3 840

INKERMAN – 1 283

TOTAL – 18 346


Good morning all,


Late storms yesterday have complicated things somewhat.


  1. Pioneer started crushing the cane that was harvested yesterday this morning at about 7am. Contractors are still looking around and will start harvesting throughout the morning, actual loading is still being determined.
  2. Kalamia was scheduled to start at 4am but bagasse belt issues have put that back to 10am. Reports of between 4 and 20mm means that only 6 harvesters are showing any interest in cutting.
  3. Invicta has a zero hour around midday and there are a number of harvesters expressing an interest in starting later in the morning. Invicta is going to shut down after zero hour while waiting for today’s cane to do some necessary work. We may even transfer some cane to Kalamia to increase their supply
  4. No harvesting at Inkerman today. Reports of between 2 and 16mm from the storms yesterday. LO’s will ring around today to see who will cut tomorrow for a Saturday start.


More showers and storms are predicted for this afternoon so watch this space.



Kind regards,


John Tait

Cane Supply Manager