Wilmar Daily Loading Advice

Loading Advice – Friday, 16th December 2022

INVICTA – 20 108

KALAMIA – 11 389

PIONEER – 11 324

INKERMAN – 7 069

TOTAL – 49 890


Hi all,

Reduced loading at Inkerman today due to a choke in the bagasse system yesterday evening. Both sides going again by 3am. All affected contractors were notified by text last night. Invicta A side is down while repairs are being carried out on a pressure feed chute but should be away later this morning.

Pioneer and Kalamia going well.


Please keep your messages going out regarding cane quality. High mud levels led to a 6 hour stop at Kalamia on Wednesday night and there is still some blatant over burning going on which results in a product that is difficult to process and causes downtime.



Kind regards,


John Tait

Cane Supply Manager