Wilmar Mills End of Season Update

Invicta tipped its last bin at about 4:30pm yesterday. B side stopped at 3:40am. We continued on A side for most of the day, with a 2 hour gap after lunch, to give time for us to get some cane from Kalamia crushed there. We shifted 320 bins from Kalamia in the final 24 hours.

At Kalamia we will load the final ~6,000t of Kalamia’s cane plus ~1,500t from Pioneer for crushing today. This will take the mill through to the early hours of tomorrow morning to crush out.

Inkerman has close to 20,000t to harvest from the start of today. There should be less than 8,000t to harvest from the start of tomorrow which should be crushed out by the very early hours of Saturday.

There will be a little over 40,000t left to harvest at Pioneer after today.

We have now crushed 8.040 million tonnes. The final crop looks like it will be around 8.115 – 8.120 million tonnes