SRA – Strategy for Industry Adoption Activities



In 2017 SRA finalised an “Industry Adoption Strategy” which has since seen the appointment of Anthony Curro as Regional Coordinator for the Burdekin Region. This strategy is to be overseen by an Industry Adoption Advisory Committee (IAAC) who will be responsible for identifying priority projects for recommendation to the SRA Board. Regional Adoption Advisory Committees (RAACs) are to be established in each of the six sugar regions and will include grower/miller representation which will replace the previous role of “SRA Delegates” with committee tasked with developing regional specific adoption priorities and strategies. Grower chairman and miller vice chairman of the six RAACs will be a part of the IAAC along with SRA regional coordinator from each region.

This is a chance for growers/members to have direct input into of issues of importance to the industry from a local/regional perspective. SRA regional coordinator, Anthony Curro is now seeking nominations from local growers from various districts within the Burdekin region who are interested in this opportunity.

Please find attached overview of industry adoption & investment strategy process as well as grower information/selection criteria.

Any growers interested in nominating please contact this office and your details will be passed onto Anthony Curro who will then contact growers direct.

Nominations are to be submitted by Friday 19th October.


Les Elphinstone

Manger KCGO


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Grower Rep Nomination below:

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